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Konavle is an area about thirty kilometers away from Dubrovnik and falls under the Dubrovnik region. At its south-eastern part is a place called Molunat. The largest town of the area is Cavtat, called Epidaurum at the time of the Roman Empire. At the beginning of 7th century, upon the arrival of the Slavs and destructions, residents flee the area the Dubrovnik area, and stay here to find the town called Ragusa.

Today, Cavtat is a tourist town and port for luxury yachts, beautiful for long walks and sightseeing. The promenade stretches around the entire peninsula. Cavtat area has a rich archeological site of Roman-period amphoras and a major attraction for divers.

Čilipi is a town where Dubrovnik airport is situated and where folklore events take place every Sunday. A visit to St. Nicholas square is a must, where folklore groups participate in dancing. There is also a native Konavle house, in which you can see a rich ethnographic collection.

If you long for a swim in Konavle, one of the most attractive beaches in the Mediterranean, Pasjača, is at your disposal. Hidden beneath the steep cliffs, its authentic beauty is truly breathtaking. The Konavle region is a place of excellence in rural tourism. Touring Konavle and enjoying the offer agritourism you can taste authentic dishes, beverages and meet the local way of life.

If you prefer to spend you vacation actively active holiday, there is a place called Prevlaka, near Molunat, a unique peninsula and the southernmost point of Croatia. It is ideal for long walks, swimming and enjoying nature. At the end of the peninsula there is an impressive fortress built during the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Konavle have plenty to offer for an active holiday. You can ride a horse, or a bike on one of the numerous cycle tracks, hike or have fun in one of the adrenaline parks.

Do not miss a visit to the restored Sokol tower, a very interesting historical heritage site. It is located in the village of Dunava and was built in 1391. Various remains from the Bronze and Iron Ages were excavated right here, and are exhibited in the Tower, which is open to visitors.

If you have not yet been to Dubrovnik, now is the perfect time to visit the city and its walls, famous all around the world. The view from the city walls will place the entire old city core on the palm of your hand. After a tour of the walls we recommend visiting the Rector's Palace, which used to serve as the seat of the first person of the city. There are also attractions like Sponza Palace, the Church of St. Blaise, the patron saint of Dubrovnik, an aquarium and various museums. Stradun, the main street of Dubrovnik, and the most famous Old Town are full of interesting insights, which can make a great souvenir photo. The historical center of the city is really something unique to this part of the Mediterranean, and beyond. Make sure you climb to the top of Srdj Hill by cable car to experience the spectacular view of the whole Dubrovnik, and the area of Konavle all the way to Peljesac. The best time to do this is at the end of the day to experience one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

Bay of Kotor is a 20 minutes drive from Molunat. This is a unique bay in the Mediterranean, quite similar to the fjords, and commonly known around these parts as the Gulf of Croatian Saints. Along the coast there are small many small towns, such as Kotor which is included in the List of World Heritage Site.

Available leisure activities:

Sightseeing, Restaurants, Swimming, Walking, Cycling, Horseback-riding, Diving school.